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90-minute service. Session Concentrating on holding meridian points for balance and health. According to Oriental medicine, and the meridian system. Service will include light massage, acupressure holds, and Gua Sha if indicated circulation. Gua Sha is a scraping the skin with a massage tool to increase circulation, great for trigger points. Balancing the meridians is known to create many changes in the body. Having a positive effect on the mind, body, and spirit.


First service will be scheduled for two hours for intake information. Intake is long, ask for many details. Time can be saved by filling out intake before, information can be emailed. Easily can be filled out at Office too.

$85 for 60 Minute Session

$110 for  90 Minute Session

Buy 3, sessions for $300 to save.


Thai Herbal Compress Therapy

This is a muscle warming and therapeutic add on. Add this service onto your customized massage therapy session, a traditional Thai poultice is used to relieve tired and aching muscles and improves skin texture. Gentle rolling and kneading techniques are applied with the herbal compress. Compress is a steamed muslin ball filled with a variety of Thai herbs across your body. This gently warms your muscles until they are ready to receive the oil massage.

Using the most relaxing and circulation inducing techniques, this session completely restores you from head to toe and is especially effective for those with poor circulation, tired and overworked muscles, stiff joints and osteoarthritis.

Try the Thai Herbal compress therapy massage for a unique and rejuvenating experience.

At this amazing service onto your next massage. Available for 60 and 90 minutes sessions for only $20!

Take the compress home and use it in the bath or foot soak for one week.(prone to mold after one week). Or freeze it and use it as a form of cryotherapy for up to one month. This adds a unique and Extra value to this service. Consider it as a post massage wellness tool. Enhancing and adding nutrients to the days after your session. These herbs are designed to decrease inflammation, pain, stress and tension. They are also known to balance the meridians. Please let me help you, help your body with these amazing herbs.

 Nature supplies.



Thai herbal compress ingredients

 This blend of herbs is the same recipe used by Thai healers for centuries and found at some of the most famous massage schools. These herbs are in every day part of Thailand life and are used in traditional Thai healing for the rejuvenating and balancing effects.

Ingredients include:

Plai- Cassummunar Ginger- this plant has many well-known attributes. Some include its ability to help bronchial symptoms like bronchitis, asthma or the common cold. There is also anti-inflammatory properties which when apply topically to skin can have a soothing effect for contusion, sprains, inflammation of joints or ligament. It is also anti-septic and Tony properties for the skin.

Lemongrass- The stem of the plant is used. Lemongrass has always been known for not only its sweet and light aromatherapy value, but it’s mood uplifting and anti-inflammatory properties. Helping sprains, bruises and sore muscles be alleviated.

Turmeric- is similar to the ginger. This herb has a cleansing effect on the skin that promotes healing. It is also anti-inflammatory with antiseptic properties that assist in healing bruises, joint pain, sprains, and/or muscle pain.

Kiefer lime- the leaves are what are most often medicinally used and what are in the thai herbal compress. These leaves are also often use for treatment of colds, congestion, and have antioxidant properties. Boost and enhancing the immune system. When applied topically to the skin the astringent properties, help to cleanse the skin and promote healing..

Camphor- These crystals that are derived from the gum of the tree bark are used for this plant. While camper is known for its stimulating and dilating effects for the upper respiratory system, it also has a calming effect on stress anxiety and insomnia so it will be listed as both a stimulant and calmative. Topically the crystals anti-inflammatory and anti-septic properties are perfect for muscle stiffness, sprains, strange or swelling. The anti-septic properties again assist in healing of any bruising, and promotes new skin growth.

Tamarind- when applied to the skin this has astringent values drawling out oils, cleansing and purifying the skin, anti-septic properties help heal the skin.

Curcuma Comosa- The bulb is used to strengthen the muscle tissues of visceral organs. It has been used for century for the treatment of hot flashes, menstrual pain, abdominal pain and chronic pelvic disorders.

Shikakai- has been used for hair care in India for centuries. Word meaning is fruit for hair. Contains high levels of soponins which are foaming agents. Soponins containing plants have a long history of used has mild cleanser.

Patchouli, mango ginger, sweet sage, and orange skin have also been added to these compresses for their aromatic, relaxing and uplifting properties. Sweet Sage is known to balance the meridians.

Any client on heart medications, cancer medications, and or chemo/ radiation. Or blood thinners, must show this to their doctor and make sure they are safe for this treatment. Please let me know if you have any questions or want to set this up for your next massage