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Candice Coleman LMT @ Sunset Hills Massage Center

Services and Rates


Services and Rates 

 Investing in massage is an investment in your Well being.

You regularly tune up your car? Charge you air conditioning unit?

Don’t you think you most precious vessel; the human body deserves a treat?

Take the leap of tuning up your soul.

Taking a few a bit of time out of your busy schedule to re charge can have lasting effects on you overall muscle tension, stress level, and general well- being.


 Featured Service




90-minute service. Session Concentrating on holding meridian points for balance and health. According to Oriental medicine, and the meridian system. Service will include light massage, acupressure holds, and Gua Sha if indicated circulation. Gua Sha is a scraping the skin with a massage tool to increase circulation, great for trigger points. Balancing the meridians is known to create many changes in the body. Having a positive effect on the mind, body, and spirit.


First service will be scheduled for two hours for intake information. Intake is long, ask for many details. Time can be saved by filling out intake before, information can be emailed. Easily can be filled out at Office too.

$110 for  90 Minute Session

Buy 3, sessions for $300 to save.


  Customized, Tailored massage session

       30 minute massage   $30       

60 minute massage   $55 

   90  minute massage  $80    

120 minute massage   $110

 Add $20 for deep tissue 


Specialty Services

Contrast Pain Therapy 1 hour $70

Reflexology Session 1/2 Hour   $40  

Stone Therapy      1 1/2 Hour  $100


Chair Massage Events
1 st hour (includes travel and setup) $65
Additional Hours $55

Discounts offered for quarterly/ monthly events

Service Enhancements 

Aromatherapy included in all massage.

      Hot towels $5         

Foot Scrub with hot towels $10

Hot Stone Therapy $20