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 A career in massage therapy, is rewarding. It also requires a large array of additional skills. When passion and knowledge is increased for the field, clientele and full schedules can easily be attained. Since 2002 Candice Coleman has had a deep passion for the power of inform touch. Massage can have a huge impact on one’s personal well-being. Learning how to convey this is essential to regular clientele and income. Safe and effective body mechanics is essential for career longevity.


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NCBTMB Approved Courses

Super Powered Massage Skills Series

Course descriptions:

Educating the client equals client retention

Client retention is about helping clients feel better. Helping clients to view massage therapy as an investment. The client must understand that regular massage is preventive care for their mind, body, and spirit. Clients must understand what massage therapy does, and why and how it helps. Once the client understands that by buying a massage they are helping every single organ system function better they willing investing massage therapy. The client must understand what massage therapy does, and how it helps. As a massage therapist, it is our responsibility to teach them this. Most people are open to the idea of investing in their bodies if they understand how and why that is. 

When we give them the information in an educational and non-pressured way, with practice they will rebook, and create regular income for us. This class will teach and supply information and techniques to create a regular clientele. Whether you are a massage therapist interested in more income consistently or helping others consistently. Client education is the key. The instructor is wanting to share these tools so we all can help our clients become blessed by the powerful and very beneficial wellness tool, Massage therapy. Candice Coleman has been max per week in this industry for over 15 years.  She is now passionate about sharing this information.

NCBTMB Approved for 3 CEUs


Safe Body Mechanics equals career longevity

During a massage therapist career, there is usually a point where we use our bodies improperly, and it shows up as tension and/or pain pattern. This is a big deal in our field. We use our bodies the entire time we work.

This course will teach you ways to ensure you are using your body properly. If you want a long career using your body as we do 10-25 sessions per week. It requires using the body in a mindful, educated, and focused way. We will learn how to move around that massage table in a way that it creates career longevity. 

Our body is the most precious item we own. A healthy massage therapy career requires great body mechanics. Instructor Candice Coleman is passionate about helping the massage therapist feel well, and be well while helping their clients do the same with massage therapy.

The student will learn:

  • Why how we use our bodies is important. What happens when we don’t use it properly. Common pain patterns and solutions for them.
  • What makes the therapist not become injured. What are great body mechanic techniques? The instructor will use her experience as a ballet dancer to teach and demonstrate how to move around a table safely. It is all about proper spine and extremity alignment.
  • Students will leave learning how to move in an aligned way around a massage table.
  • What height to have their table at to ensure the pressure on large clients without pain.
  • The science of leverage
  • How to troubleshoot pain patterns. Looking at what they’re doing at their table that is causing it.
  • How to use a stool with proper body mechanics
  • Specific techniques to protect hands, arms, thumbs, and neck from injury

NCBTMB Approved for 4 CEUs


Marketing your passion

Humans are attracted to objects, people, and circumstances that make them feel good. When you hold excitement and passion for your career, you carry yourself differently. This class will help massage therapists market to their personal passions and niches within the massage therapy career. There are 1000's of avenue options to take in our career path. We must focus on our personal niches.

The class will supply tips, techniques, and information. Learn why this makes a difference in how we market. Why and how a passion for your career, industry and massage business is very effective marketing.

NCBTMB Approved for 2 CEUs



Safe Deep Tissue

Class Description: Perspective on deep tissue. Making sure the massage therapist is not going so deep that the client tissue shows signs of stress.

Class size will be kept small for optimal one on one pain pattern troubleshooting with every student, and hands-on time.

Teach safe deep tissue techniques 

Show deep tissue no no’s that can lead to repetitive use injuries

Show and offer solutions to deep pressure in the client's common pain pattern areas. Ex. Low back without thumb pressure.

 Choosing a technique that keeps LMT body-safe and working without pain

  NCBTMB Approved for 3 CEUs

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